“Shitty First Drafts”

March 2017


When we were assigned the task of writing an Editor’s Introduction, I was terrified. I’ve never been a good writer, and I’ve never enjoyed the process of writing. So when that 1500 word assignment was staring at me in the form of a blank page, I didn’t fare well. One of my biggest struggles in writing is just starting to write at all. I feel that every sentence needs to be great, on the first try. Then, when we read this article in class, I got some great advice. My favorite section of the article was this:
“So I’d start writing without reining myself in. It was almost just typing, just making my fingers move. And the writing would be terrible.”
And that’s just what I did for my Editor’s Introduction. I started typing. I wrote things that I knew I would never keep in the final draft, but it was so important to just start. To get anything down on the blank page. And I found it comforting that even a professional feels the same way.