Library Activity

After being at UNC Charlotte for over three years now, I have become intimately acquainted with the Atkins Library. From the semesters where I spent most of my weekdays inside to the hours online using their databases, I have found our library resources to be very helpful. In fact, for my online class this semester, I actually had to download and request all the reading material from our database and Interlibrary Loan. In my experience, I found it surprisingly extensive and practical for searching articles in the Criminal Justice field.

Before I visited, I had no idea it had so many floors; I genuinely thought it was a 2-story building. I also didn’t expect there to be so many students. I assumed that the library would be totally empty, and was shocked when I found out you can barely find an open seat sometimes. Now that I’m more accustomed to the building, I’m aware of the busier times and sections.

When I went to the library on Friday, I took some notes about how students are utilizing the spaces. On the ground floor, lots of people spend time in the cafe between classes. There is also individual and group level seating, and I saw most students either napping or sitting by themselves with headphones in. Then on the main floor, you’ll find the most crowds. It has most of the computer stations as well as the historical exhibit in the back. I’ve noticed this is the one of the loudest sections of the library. Finally, on the 2nd floor, there are hardly any people, and it’s mostly comprised of bookshelves. On these floors, you’ll find it to be almost exclusively individual students looking to get work done by themselves in silence.

My favorite place in the library is on the 10th floor. On sunny days, it’s warm and bright with a beautiful view of the city. It’s also pretty empty at the times I need, which is ideal. On Friday, I spent my time on the 10th floor facing out the windows, taking an online test. I think I’ll continue to use the library in my last year here, both in person and online. If I have time between classes I’ll walk over, and I’ll use the online database for my major research papers.


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