Inquiry Project

“Seeking Revenge in the Underworld of Stolen Bikes” is a very interesting article about a man’s inquiry project to examine the questions: how can you catch a bike thief? Why are bikes so easy to steal? How can you protect your bike from being stolen?

Humans of New York is a blog that showcases diverse individuals and their personal stories. I think it seeks to answer some general questions: who are you? How did you get here? Where do you want to go?

For the New York Times Photo Essays, I chose to look at “Toshio Shibata’s Mesmerizing Photographs of Water.” They are a collection of stunning pictures that explore the relationship between water and man-made structures. He might have begun with the question: how does water react with different surfaces on the earth?

The Serial Podcast is a very open-ended, exploratory look into certain character’s lives. They don’t seem to have a particular direction, but maybe were created with the initial thought of: what is your story?, on the other hand, is a unique website that examines your family history. You can answer the questions: where did I come from? Who is my family? What is my ethnic background?

Finally, Mapstory looks like a place where any user can contribute their knowledge and information in order to benefit others globally. I’m not entirely clear about its purpose, but it appears to seek answers to the guiding questions: what knowledge do you have to share? What do you want to learn? How has your world changed over time?

At first, these resources were not my idea of an inquiry project. I had read many posts from Humans of New York, and my grandpa uses frequently, but I never thought anything further about them. Now that I know what to look for, I can see how they serve as inquiry. I think we all do inquiry projects constantly. Everything we research and seek to learn more about can be considered inquiry.

I think The Charlotte Observer can also be classified as an ongoing inquiry project. Its staff is looking to answer these questions every day: what is happening in Charlotte? Who are the most influential people? How is the city changing?



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